Oceanography Magazine, December 2009, Volume 22, Number 4

Oceanography merupakan suatu majalah (Megazine) yang memuat artikel dari semua aspek ilmu pengeathuan tenatng kelautan dan aplikasinya. selain itu Oceanography juga memuat dan menerbitkan berita-berita, informasi-informasi, proseding, serta resensi buku dari pertemuan-pertemuan ilmiah kelautan dan buku-buku kelautan. telah terbit sebanyak 22 volume dan saya coba tampilkan volume terakhir dari majalah ini yaitu volume 22 no 4 terbitan desember 2009. silhakan di download sesuai dengan judul dari daftar isi volume 22, no 4 tersebut. selamat menikmati.

Current Issue December 2009
Volume 22, Number 4
Special Issue on the the Future of Ocean Biogeochemistry in a High-CO2 World


Ocean Acidification: A Critical Emerging Problem for the Ocean Sciences (688 KB pdf)
By S.C. Doney, W.M. Balch, V.J. Fabry, and R.A. Feely

An Accounting of the Observed Increase in Oceanic and Atmospheric CO2 and an Outlook for the Future (1.2 MB pdf)
By P. Tans

Ocean Acidification: Present Conditions and Future Changes in a High-CO2 World (1.2 MB pdf)
By R.A. Feely, S.C. Doney, and S.R. Cooley

Observing Ocean Acidification from Space (1.2 MB pdf)
By D.K. Gledhill, R. Wanninkhof, and C.M. Eakin

Ocean Acidification in the California Current System (5.6 MB pdf)
By C. Hauri, N. Gruber, G.-K. Plattner, S. Alin, R.A. Feely, B. Hales, and P.A. Wheeler

Effect of Ocean Acidification on the Speciation of Metals in Seawater (900 KB pdf)
By F.J. Millero, R. Woosley, B. DiTrolio, and J. Waters

Ocean Acidification and the Increasing Transparency of the Ocean to Low-Frequency Sound (392 KB pdf)
By P.G. Brewer and K. Hester

Ocean Acidification in Deep Time (1.1 MB pdf)
By L.R. Kump, T.J. Bralower, and A. Ridgwell

Coral Reefs and Ocean Acidification (1 MB pdf)
By J.A. Kleypas and K.K. Yates

Why Corals Care About Ocean Acidification: Uncovering the Mechanism (688 KB pdf)
By A.L. Cohen and M. Holcomb

Nutrient Cycles and Marine Microbes in a CO2-Enriched Ocean (644 KB pdf)
By D.A. Hutchins, M.R. Mulholland, and F. Fu

Potential Interactions Among Ocean Acidification, Coccolithophores, and the Optical Properties of Seawater (648 KB pdf)
By W.M. Balch and P.E. Utgoff

Ocean Acidification at High Latitudes: The Bellweather (720 KB pdf)
By V.J. Fabry, J.B. McClintock, J.T. Mathis, and J.M. Grebmeier

Ocean Acidification’s Potential to Alter Global Marine Ecosystem Services (464 KB pdf)
By S.R. Cooley, H.L. Kite-Powell, and S.C. Doney

Research Priorities for Understanding Ocean Acidification: Summary From the Second Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World (420 KB pdf)
By J.C. Orr, K. Caldeira, V. Fabry, J.-P. Gattuso, P. Haugan, P. Lehodey, S. Pantoja, H.-O. Pörtner, U. Riebesell, T. Trull, E. Urban, M. Hood, and W. Broadgate

European Project on Ocean Acidification (EPOCA): Objectives, Products, and Scientific Highlights (1 MB pdf)
By J.-P. Gattuso, L. Hansson, and the EPOCA Consortium


Dissolved Organic Matter in the Ocean: A Controversy Stimulates New Insights (2.8 MB pdf)
By D.A. Hansell, C.A. Carlson, D.J. Repeta, and R. Schlitzer
download figures (340 KB zipped folder containing 72 dpi jpegs)


Understanding How Disease and Environment Combine to Structure Resistance in Estuarine Bivalve Populations (1.1 MB pdf)
By the Delaware Bay Ecology of Infectious Diseases Group


Taking Ocean Research Results to Applications: Examples and Lessons from US GLOBEC (360 KB pdf)
By E. Turner and D.B. Haidvogel



QUARTERDECK | Making Could Into Something We Can Sell (84 KB pdf)
By E.S. Kappel

FROM THE PRESIDENT | A Healthy Ocean Matters (84 KB pdf)
By C. Thoroughgood

Collision Course: Climate Change, Bears, and Humans in the Land of 10,000 Lakes • Russian Roulette: To Catch a Fish-Owl • Polar Bears’ Habitat—and Polar Bears—Shrinking • Rain-on-Snow: New Arctic Killer Fingered
(824 KB pdf)
By C.L. Dybas

THE OCEANONGRAPHY CLASSROOM | Health and Safety in the Learning Environment (120 KB pdf)
By S. Boxall

HANDS-ON OCEANOGRAPHY | Sorting Out Sediment Grain Size and Plastic Pollution (268 KB pdf)
By H.L. Spalding, K.M. Duncan, and Z. Norcross-Nu’u

AWARDS | The 2009 Walter Munk Award (124 KB pdf)

BOOK REVIEWS | Estuaries: Dynamics, Mixing, Sedimentation and Morphology • Oceanology: The True Account of the Voyage of the Nautilus • Don’t Be Such a Scientist: Talking Substance In An Age of Style (324 KB pdf)


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